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Atlanta’s Odom Law Firm focuses a majority of its practice on sexual assault and sexual abuse cases in the state of Georgia. Sex crimes and sexual assault situations occur all around the country every day, and those who are accused of such sex crimes have a personal right to legally defend themselves in such cases. People who are convicted of sex assault offenses face a number of possible consequences. These outcomes can range from prison time to a permanent listing on a sex offender registry or significant fines. It is important to seek help from Atlanta sexual assault lawyers who will strongly defend you and ensure your rights are respected.

Preparing Your Defense Against Sexual Assault Charges

Have you been accused of a sexual assault crime? Do you understand what a sexual assault crime is? Have you been accused of sexual abuse by someone you know, a spouse or a family member? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is important you contact Atlanta sexual assault attorney Peter Odom. The Odom Law Firm will inform you of the information needed to fully prepare your defense. Typical information to bring includes:

The Odom Law Firm offers Atlanta-area residents in need the help, knowledge and service they deserve. With the criminal law experience and professional commitment to aid you, Peter Odom will help you get the justice you deserve. Sexual assault allegations and charges are serious and if you are convicted of such a crime, your life with be affected greatly. It is important that you work with a defense attorney to ensure you experience the best outcome possible given your situation.

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