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If you have been charged with an sex crime in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, finding an experienced attorney should be high on your list. Georgia law imposes harsh penalties in sex crime convictions and having an experienced Atlanta sex crime attorney to protect your rights is imperative. The Odom Law Firm provides legal defense to Georgia clients facing sex crime charges. Mr. Odom has defended and protected the rights of criminal defense clients for two decades.

Atlanta sex crimes and defense

Every year, individuals are wrongfully accused of and charged with sex crimes. Regardless of guilt or innocence, if sex crimes are alleged, you have no choice but to mount a defense. And the importance of having a skilled and experienced Atlanta sex crime lawyer to protect your rights cannot be underestimated. Prosecutors are often relentless in pursuing those accused of sex crimes and equally vigilant in seeking severe penalties for offenders. And a conviction can literally ruin your life.

The following are sex crimes in Atlanta and Georgia:

Additional sex crime charges in Georgia include:

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A sex crime lawyer in Atlanta can help

If you have been charged or are under investigation for sex crime offenses you need to retain legal representation immediately. Contact The Odom Law Firm online or call (404) 872-0303 to schedule a free consultation today.


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