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Atlanta Criminal Defense for Sex Abuse Charges

We have all read the sensational stories of sexual abuse in national headlines. Sadly, many sex abuse accusations are false and result in innocent people unjustly serving prison sentences. The Odom Law Firm represents clients in sex abuse charges and can help you in your defense. Mr. Odom’s background as both a prosecutor and defense attorney makes him a strong advocate in sexual abuse cases.

False accusations of sexual abuse in Atlanta

While many people charged in sex assaults are guilty, many others are falsely accused. In fact, recent research indicates that many interview techniques used in alleged child sexual abuse cases are flawed and can lead to false conclusions. Psychiatric research indicates sexualized behavior in children may be attributable to other causes including:

  • Family sexuality
  • Violence
  • Hours spent in day care

Research shows that up to 33 percent of child sexual abuse cases involve false allegations, and up to eight percent of cases involve deliberate lies by children. However, because of the stigma and abhorrence society attaches to sexual abuse, anyone alleged to have committed such crimes often faces terrible consequences. Seeking the advice of legal counsel immediately can only help in reaching a resolution of your case and getting your life back on track.

Sex abuse accusations can change your life forever

Being accused of committing sexual abuse can be devastating, but being convicted can literally ruin your life. You face harsh penalties such as prison sentences and registry as a sex offender. Other aspects of your life are affected greatly with possible consequences such as:

  • Damage to reputation
  • Social stigma
  • Loss of parental rights
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Loss of friends/family
  • Electronic monitoring or home confinement
  • Loss of employment opportunities
  • Mandatory counseling or treatment

Experienced Atlanta sex abuse criminal defense

While no outcome can be guaranteed, an experienced Atlanta sex crime attorney provides a vigorous defense at trial by:

  • Showing prosecution witnesses are not credible
  • Using effective sexual abuse experts
  • Cross examining alleged victims in detail about allegations
  • Attacking all the allegations—large and small

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