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While our Atlanta law firm provides for the legal defense of those accused of domestic violence and abuse, there are a number of resources available to Georgia residents who are victims of such violence. The state of Georgia supplies domestic violence victims hundreds of shelters, hot lines and additional resources that can help husbands and wives all over the state get the help they need.

Resources for victims of domestic violence include community centers and programs located throughout the state in various counties. These include local legal aid offices, the Department of Justice, the Violence Against Women office, the National Center for Victims of Crimes, Georgia’s Attorney General’s office and the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence to name a few. In the Atlanta area alone, there are dozens of resources available to victims all over Cobb County and the surrounding area. The state of Georgia provides its residents various options for those involved in a domestic violence situation who need help.

For Georgia residents who are victims of domestic violence, other resources include phone hot lines, counseling, support groups, temporary shelter, violence and abuse programs, centers and agencies. These all provide ways for those in need to get support and assistance. A good place to start might be the Help for Victims of Crime provided by the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.


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