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Rape charges in Atlanta, GA

Georgia harshly punishes sex offenders. If convicted of rape in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, you may face mandatory prison time and permanent sex offender registry. The Odom Law Firm has provided rape defense to clients for many years and can help you. Mr. Odom has experience in both the defense and prosecution of sex crimes and can help mount an effective defense against rape charges.

Atlanta rape charges

Sex crimes inspire particularly strong societal disdain. An accusation of such a crime can cause even your friends to doubt you. Rape charges may include:

Georgia and Atlanta rape defense and prosecution

Rapes frequently have no witnesses and often are cases of he said, she said. Consequently, individuals can be wrongfully or falsely accused and no witness exists to testify otherwise. If you are arrested in Atlanta on statutory rape charges, it is imperative you contact a sexual assault attorney in Atlanta immediately. An attorney can begin to investigate the facts of your case and work to build your defense before evidence disappears.

No matter how frightening the charges, it is important to remember that proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is the prosecution’s responsibility. An experienced rape defense attorney can develop effective defenses which may include:

Effective rape defense attorneys work to find evidence to support your defense such as:

If charged with rape, get immediate legal assistance

The consequences of a rape conviction are far-reaching and can last a lifetime. To mount an effective Atlanta rape defense, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact The Odom Law Firm online or call toll free at (404) 872-0303 today to schedule a free consultation.


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