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Family Violence Laws in Georgia

The Georgia legislature has declared war on domestic abuse with the Georgia Family Violence Act:

“The General Assembly finds and declares that violence in Georgia homes among family members accounts for many serious injuries, deaths, and extensive physical and emotional damage to children and adults. Family violence knows no economic or social barriers. The costs of family violence include misery and trauma for individuals and families and increased government spending for police services, criminal prosecutions, incarcerations, court personnel, foster care, public assistance, and juvenile corrections.”

“The General Assembly has enacted comprehensive legislation addressing family violence, including provision for the issuance of temporary protective orders to protect individuals from violence. It has become evident that enforcement of these laws is inconsistent and an effective response to family violence will require a comprehensive community effort as well as coordination among the courts, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, the correctional system, and public assistance and other service providers. The creation of a state commission and local task forces to combat family violence was highly recommended by the Georgia Commission on Gender Bias in the Judicial System.”

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The Stakes Are High -- When the police investigate an assault, battery, stalking, or harassment crimes between family members, spouses, or domestic partners, they will often charge the accused citizen with committing an act of “family violence.” The consequences of such a label can be severe:

  • mandatory arrest of the person perceived to be the “primary aggressor”
  • expulsion from the family home
  • prohibition on contact with children or other family members

What would have in the past have resulted in a small fine or a period of probation may now lead to prolonged jail time, stiff fines, psychological evaluation and counseling, and court-supervised restrictions on one’s contact with family members.

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Don’t Go It Alone -- If you are arrested for an act of family violence, your best protection is to get an experienced attorney fighting for you immediately. A lawyer familiar with family violence crimes can help you get a lower bond, ease restrictive bond conditions, and start working as your advocate to help you get back to your life.

Peter Odom has over twenty years experience in family violence crimes. The Odom Law Firm is dedicated to assisting those arrested for family violence in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

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