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With the legal alcohol limit in Georgia being .08, and the expanding efforts of law enforcement to curb the occurrence of drunk driving, increasing numbers of people are being arrested on suspicion of DUI/DWI. Additionally, more and more drivers are also facing the realities of criminal liability for refusing to submit to blood alcohol and/or field sobriety tests. The attorneys at The Odom Law Firm understand the harsh penalties DUI/DWI clients face and work hard to provide the best options.

We aggressively advocate for our clients’ best interests, yet provide an honest evaluation of each client’s case. One of our top priorities is to keep our clients informed through every step of the process. Our attentive and highly skilled attorneys strive to address a client’s legal needs in ethical, innovative, and cost-effective ways. We understand the DUI/DWI laws of Georgia, including the requirements imposed on the police, the type of evidence required to secure a conviction, and how to effectively challenge that evidence, including breath and blood tests. Our aggressive and experienced DUI/DWI attorneys have achieved many not guilty, hung jury, and case dismissal verdicts for our DUI/DWI clients.

Our Atlanta DUI Attorney works hard to provide his clients a strong case

Our duty is to zealously represent our clients, providing a thorough DUI/DWI defense while upholding the highest standards of professional responsibility and ethics. The experienced lawyers and staff of The Odom Law Firm seek to provide exceptional, personalized client service and pride ourselves on prompt and effective communication with our clients. We care about our clients and work tirelessly to protect their rights. We believe that justice should be blind and that every client is entitled to the best possible defense. If you have been arrested on a DUI/DWI charge or other alcohol-related offense, or are facing criminal liability for refusing to submit to a blood alcohol or field sobriety test, contact the seasoned DUI/DWI attorneys at The Odom Law Firm today.

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