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Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence law in Georgia defines domestic violence as the following:

  • Any type of violent act inflicted upon a person in your household
  • Any type of violent act or injury upon one’s spouse, partner or family member
  • Threats of injury or violence by hitting or using a weapon
  • Forced sexual behavior and harassment
  • Psychological abuse that deflates a person’s self esteem
  • Psychological abuse that attempts to control the person
  • Stalking or cyber stalking

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Georgia domestic violence laws state that these acts include any type of battery or assault, ranging from a simple battery act to more severe form of abuse, caused by one spouse to another, or to a child or other person living in the same dwelling. According to Georgia state law, you do not have to be legally married to someone to be a victim of domestic abuse and violence. These types of acts can be inflicted upon a spouse, ex-spouse, family member or anyone living within the same household.

Whether you are seeking more information regarding domestic abuse laws in the state of Georgia, or would like us to represent you in a domestic violence case, our Atlanta criminal defense law firm can help you. The legal system can be confusing and laws pertaining to domestic violence defense are known to be complex and sometimes misunderstood. It is important that we guide you and offer you informative and helpful information regarding domestic violence laws in Georgia.

Here at The Odom Law Firm, our Atlanta domestic violence attorneys are aggressive enough to protect and defend you if the case you are involved in goes to trial. We will inform you of your rights as a Georgia citizen, the severity of your case and will discuss with you all options you have and all possibilities that could occur in regard to your trial’s outcome.

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