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Being convicted on domestic violence charges can carry severe penalties. The Odom Law Firm in Atlanta, GA offers criminal defense and other legal services to clients charged with domestic violence. Domestic abuse and violence cases are a specific area of law that requires experience to navigate successfully. Atlanta domestic violence lawyer, Peter Odom, routinely handles cases of domestic disputes, violence, and abuse.

Atlanta domestic violence—statistics

Recent studies estimate that as many as six million instances of physical violence in partner relationships occur in the United States annually. While the statistics reflect a serious problem that must be addressed, individuals who are wrongfully accused are entitled to a legal defense against such charges. Atlanta domestic violence attorneys can provide legal assistance in mounting an effective defense against domestic violence charges.

Atlanta domestic violence and abuse — serious business

Domestic violence is abuse involving people who are usually connected through family or living arrangements including:

Often just being accused and/or charged with domestic violence creates the perception that the defendant is guilty. Therefore, even an accusation of domestic violence or abuse must be considered serious. Such accusations can have lifelong effects including:

If you are convicted of domestic violence or abuse, possible penalties include:

Domestic violence and abuse in Atlanta, GA

In Georgia, domestic violence cases can be complex, both legally and emotionally. Some charges carry prison terms, while others may not. Depending on the alleged offense and your circumstances, Mr. Odom may be able to negotiate with prosecutors to:

If you are charged with domestic violence, it is important to have an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Atlanta to help you through the process. Mr. Odom stands by you every step of the way and protects your right in court and during negotiations.

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