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Having practiced criminal defense in Atlanta, Georgia, Peter Odom has extensive litigation experience in state courts. Let him put his expertise to work in your defense. As a crimnal defense lawyer in Atlanta, Mr. Odom practices in all areas of criminal law, including cases involving:

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, Peter Odom can help.

Atlanta criminal defense lawyer

In most criminal cases, an accused person engages a criminal attorney only after an arrest or accusation. The attorney has only a brief period to become acquainted with the offender and prepare a defense. Under these circumstances, an attorney must work quickly to develop an effective and trusting relationship with the client. Attorney Peter Odom works closely with each client to make important strategic decisions at every state of the criminal process, in order to prepare an effective defense. Mr. Odom can provide invaluable advice as to:

To preserve your legal rights and allow for the best possible outcome of your case, call Atlanta criminal defense law firm as soon as possible.

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To learn about how you can get help with your criminal charges, contact Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, Peter K. Odom via the online webform or call toll free and speak to Peter directly at (404) 872-0303 and get a free initial consultation. He will work tirelessly to safeguard your liberty and legal rights.


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